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Unique expertise

We possess a combination of a background in macroeconomics, financial market experience, understanding of the region's geopolitics and knowledge of its history and culture.

Cutting-edge research and strategy

MIFID II introduction in early January 2018 eliminates free access to investment research published by investment banks. We provide an easy solution which will keep you on top of relevant developments

Only market-relevant analysis

No waffle, no turgid comments on irrelevant data releases. We only write about news or data that have a market-moving potential. We target our analysis at investors who value their time

Meet the founder.

TATIANA ORLOVA holds a MSc in Economics from the LSE and has worked as an Emerging Market economist and strategist since graduation in 2001. She has been employed in EM research teams in four investment banks covering a diverse range of CEEMEA economies, with a particular specialism in the post-Soviet economies.

Tatiana’s unique background and experience, as well as her deep knowledge of the region’s economics, history and geopolitical realities, has allowed her to make accurate forecasts and predictions across the range of Fixed Income instruments. She has covered the region’s hydrocarbon producers during the oil crises of 2008-2009 and 2014-2016, and issued a range of successful calls. Most notably, in September 2014 she predicted that Russia was about to lose its investment grade sovereign rating, which was then a highly non-consensus view. Similarly, she correctly called imminent downgrades of sovereign ratings of Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan during the following winter. She also has a track record of successful FX and interest rate recommendations.

Tatiana is a widely known expert on the post-Soviet economies who has given multiple interviews to major world financial media (such as FT, Bloomberg, Reuters, CNBC etc) and spoken at conferences attended by hundreds of clients.

Watch Tatiana's CNBC interview

This live interview was broadcast at the height of the 2014 rouble crisis

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  • Original views on geopolitical, economic and oil market developments

  • Thematic research on hot topics relevant to investment decisions

  • Independence - no need to comply with the "house view" or match priorities imposed from above

  • Tailoring our output to your needs - we are happy to attend face-to-face meetings and make presentations upon request

Get access to expertise in an undersupplied market

MIFID II will force big banks to switch to paid subscriptions by Mifid II as of 3 January 2018. Clients who subscribe to standard research packages covering emerging economies in the CEEMEA region may find themselves paying for run-of-the-mill research of variable quality, not always addressing the hottest topics affecting asset prices. Banks have already slimmed down their research teams substantially, and this process will likely continue once the new rules have kicked in. The cuts have already translated in a lack of resources and expertise to provide in-depth macroeconomic coverage, especially of smaller economies in the region. Emerginomics aims to plug the gap and provide its clients with original, timely and insightful analysis .


Our coverage and reports

We currently look at Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and planning to expand our coverage to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Belarus in the next few months. Our Quarterly Lodestar reports provide macroeconomic analysis, forecasts and trade recommendations. In Instant Insights, we analyse relevant economic and political news and offer our views on the likely consequences for the markets. In Sovereign Credit Updates, we look at developments which we believe are material for a country's creditworthiness.

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